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Casual Summer Outfits

21 Cool and Casual Summer Outfits | StayGl

The list of casual summer outfits is about to become a part of your life, just like your normal skin care routine. And no matter how much you love stilettos and block heels, nothing beats the comfort of slipping into a pair of trainers or other flats. However, casual ensembles …

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Stylish Christmas Dresses

Black A-line dresses or sequin shift dresses are undoubtedly popular Christmas dresses. From silky metallic tops to leather mini skirts, they’re the ideal Christmas party attire you should have for the perfect party look this season. Here are some upbeat Christmas party outfit ideas that you can experiment with to …

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Beautiful Flower Nail Designs With Roses

Awesome White Acrylic Nails | | Rose nails .

Give your nails a twist with eye-catching floral nail designs featuring roses. Experiment with cheerful spring nail designs. Go here step by step through our nail art with roses. For that extra pizzazz, you can add gems or glitter to your rose nails. Add shine to your ‘French Manicured’ nails …

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DIY Women Clothes

As fashion trends and style guides change before you have your wardrobe in stock, not only is it a lot of pressure to stay up to date and fashionable, it also puts a strain on your pockets. So we’re bringing you some trendy DIYY womens apparel ideas that can inspire …

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White Ink Tattoos

White ink tattoos look much more subtle and depend entirely on the ink your tattoo artist is using. Don’t go for them if you have freckles as they may not show up properly. You need that extra bump to make it visible – so getting one can be more pain …

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Best Eyebrow Piercings for Women

Of all the piercings, the eyebrow piercing is the most stylish due to its uniqueness and attractiveness. It is one of the most famous surface piercings along the eyebrows. Eyebrow piercings may have been introduced in the late 1970s, but they still haven’t gone out of style. Wearing bling eyebrow …

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Scary Halloween Makeup

20 scary halloween makeup ideas #halloweenmakeupeasy .

All you need to achieve the perfect scary Halloween makeup look are a few basic supplies. Halloween terrifying makeup has to be a seamless combination of innovation and uniqueness. Get ready to scare your friends by simply putting all of our Halloween makeup into practice. Some basic artistic skills can …

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Fashionable Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are incredibly beautiful and add to your feminine grace. These dresses can be simple, comfortable and loose. You can also wear the body-hugging slip outfits! Slip dresses for women were worn as nightwear and underwear before they became a fashion trend. These dresses usually have spaghetti straps and …

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Henna Tattoo Designs

Henna tattoo designs are loved and loved by women of all ages and tastes. Henna tattoos are made of vegetable paint or ink and are absolutely skin-friendly. Our list of traditional and modern henna tattoo designs is fascinating for a vast universe of skin tones. Read on to discover the …

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Stunning Jewelry Ideas

If you’ve never heard of daith piercings, you are not alone! This type of cartilage piercing is an ancient practice that has recently made its way into the modern body piercing scene. Inside the innermost fold of cartilage is a tiny protruding part known as the helix crus. A daith …

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