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Couple Costumes For Halloween

Couple Costumes For Halloween

Halloween is the best time for a little piece of PDA with couple costumes. They are cute, attractive, and essentially attention grabbing. It is very jealous of the rest because they are often so creative and well thought out. But thinking of ideas when you and your significant other are busy can be a chore. Below are some creative couple costume ideas to make the process easier in the busy schedule.


With Riverdale trends and the cast that rules the hearts of viewers, Betty and Jughead are shiped high as a couple around the world. For Betty’s look, you need a collared shirt and sweater or a crowned sweater and slim fit jeans. To complete the look, light makeup and hair would be straightened and pulled into a ponytail. For juggy, on the other hand, all you probably need is a hat and the infamous jacket that you can find at any online store that sells Riverdale merchandise. The couple’s dark and mysterious background fits the theme perfectly.

Forrest and Jenny

Forrest Gump is an evergreen film, just like the couple. The look is extremely cute and super easy to recreate. For Forrest, trousers and a buttoned shirt together with a hat are enough. While for Jenny a bright summer dress or a floral maxi dress together with a shrug and bohemian accessories such as a floral tiara in combination with boots is enough to do justice to the look. Just like the relationship they shared in the movie, your costume would be unique and cheesy too.

Tom and Jerry

This extremely iconic pair is super easy to recreate. All you need is a bit of makeup to draw whiskers and a pair of ears. The pair of ears is easy to come by. You can either find them on Amazon or Target, or even draw them. It’s great when you have last minute planning and want something fun.