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Glam Adding Knee High Boots

Glam Adding Knee High Boots

The knee-high boots are elegant and timeless and make a bold fashion statement. With endless options, choosing the right pair is a daunting task. These boots appear slimmer on the wearer and look good on anyone who wears them. Because of its versatility, this style of shoe goes well with all types of ensembles. You can combine these boots with tight leggings, short skirts or short dresses for a classy and trendy look. Combine these boots with pants or a long skirt for a sophisticated look. Here are some tips to keep in mind when purchasing these boots.

Tips for choosing the right pair of knee high boots

  • Perfect shoe size: It is a good idea to buy the boots in the evening after a hard day at work. This is because at the end of the day, walking and other activities cause your feet to swell and this can tell the exact size of your shoes. You should even buy the right type of socks for a better fit.
  • Perfect fit over the ankle: Some knee-high boots are made of velvety or Lycra-like material that is stretchy and fits any ankle size, while others are made of thick leather that is less flexible. To determine the correct fit, measure the portion of your leg between the knee and ankle.
  • Perfect style: Who doesn’t like adding the glamor factor to the look with winter boots? Those with thin legs look great in casual boots as these give the illusion of a curvaceous figure.

Some popular boot materials and styles

  • Slim boots: These knee-high boots made of leather or suede look universal and never go out of style. These Lucky Brand Aida boots have a leathery, elegant look with modest buckles.
  • PVC knee socks: These types of boots from the well-known brands Demonia and Torrid give the wearer a funky tough look.
  • Canvas boots: These boots from the respected brand Converse give the wearer an upbeat look.

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