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Inspiring Holiday Nail Art Ideas

Inspiring Holiday Nail Art Ideas

The festive season is almost here and you are ready to dress according to the nines. Your wardrobe will be upgraded with plush fall fashion outfits and your nails will be carefully groomed to flaunt flattering Christmas nail designs. Enhance the beauty of your sassy matte nail art designs like the nifty polka dots, matte moons, and neon thrills by wearing them with your minimalist jewelry. Flaunt your acrylic nails along with your curves in a chic Thanksgiving dress at this year’s Thanksgiving party. They are available in a range of styles, designs, patterns, and shades. Here is a good collection of Christmas nail designs that are just out of this world.

How do I get the perfect French tips in gold and green this festive season?

  • Paint on two coats of the bluish-green nail polish.
  • Next, draw a line along the free edge of your nails, starting from one side, using a striper brush coated with gold metal polish.
  • Draw a similar gold line from the other side and connect it in the middle.
  • Finish it off with a glossy, clear top coat to seal the edges of two nail polishes together.

What do you need to know about acrylic nails?

The acrylic nails look great, but you should know enough about these nails before using them. Some nail technicians use methyl methacrylate (MMA) for their acrylic nails instead of the more expensive and safer ethyl methacrylate. MMA is harmful to the nail and you should always use MMA-free acrylic nails.

Trend-setting holiday nail art design ideas from 2018

  • Flirty New Years Nail Art Designs
  • Classy Black Ombre and Shimmer Gold Mani
  • Leopard print glitter nail art
  • Flattery Chic Chrome Nails
  • Peppy confetti nails
  • Pink glittery ombre mani
  • Two-tone gold and purple mani
  • Matte and metallic magic
  • Marble multicolored mani
  • Sparkling green and red glitter nails
  • Arty Candy Cane Tips with Gold Glitter
  • Rudolph and Santa Medley
  • Frosted cute snowman

Steal the show this festive season with some impressive glittery Christmas nails.