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Knitting in the round – traditional knitting

Knitting in the round – traditional knitting

Knitting has been in practice since generations. Ever since yarn and wool started becoming popular the concept of stitching them has developed. Knitting in the round requires using special needles. This type of needle has two tapered ends which are connected by a flexible cable. The purpose for making such needles was to provide an alternative solution to the double pointed needle.


Knitting in the round is to use the traditional method of knitting but with a circular needle. you have to cast stitches in a circular manner and distribute them evenly around the needle. Once this is done  you have  to slide them along the cable and work in a spiral manner.

After getting the desired number of stitches done you can start knitting by means of layering and adjusting. You should be careful and ensure that none of the stitches slip out of the needle. Once a row is completed  you have  to flip it over and bring the needle tips together to form a circle. Then by positioning the working yarn and ensuring that it runs up from the cast on stitches you can start knitting. Now start with the traditional way of knitting till the desired length has been achieved by the yarn.

When you knit ensure that your work is not twisted. By knitting properly you can ensure that the fabric that has been knitted has a uniform pattern.