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Magical Monroe Piercing Ideas

Magical Monroe Piercing Ideas

Monroe Piercing is inspired by the all-time diva and queen of beauty – Marilyn Monroe. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also a unique form of face piercing. The Monroe piercing made on the upper lip resembles the iconic beauty mark of Marilyn. Women may not be blessed with a beauty mark, but that doesn’t stop them from getting it. Thanks to the popularity of this piercing in the upper lip area to the left! Women can finally manage to get one now. Monroe piercing is as amazing as the lady from whom it got its inspiration and name. But before you get one, here are some great tips and pointers to keep in mind.

What is Monroe Piercing?

Monroe piercing is a type of piercing that is done on the upper left lip off center. It’s similar to Marilyn Monroe’s mole on the face. There are other names for this piercing known as beezy piercing, booger piercing, anti-bites, crayfish, Marilyn Monroe lip piercing, and angel bites. Those who want a Monroe piercing prefer jewelry, which is usually a metal ball on top or a jewel with labret studs. Monroe piercings take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to heal.

Tips for caring for Monroe piercing

  • First, get a reputable piercing salon for the piercing.
  • Make sure you wash your face with an appropriate mouthwash before doing the piercing.
  • Wash your hands before you start cleaning the piercing.
  • Use a lukewarm cotton ball soaked with water to clean the piercing and twist the jewelry as you clean the area.
  • When showering, always use antibacterial soap to wash the piercing.

Monroe piercing looks very elegant and gives your personality that dramatic flair. Browse the gallery for more stunning examples and ideas of Monroe piercing jewelry. This less popular piercing idea quickly catches up with the style-conscious women.