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Brown Eyes Makeup Looks

Brown Eyes Makeup Looks

Brown-eyed women are fortunate to have an eye color that goes well with most eye shadows. Not every woman with brown eyes would know what looks good and what doesn’t. The gallery here is packed with the best looks from talented makeup professionals from around the world. There are many eyeshades out there to help draw attention to your eyes like gold, copper, purple, etc. Whether it’s sultry, smoky eyes or a vibrant summer look, we’ve got you covered with these amazing makeup ideas for brown eyes.

What color should you wear to make brown eyes pop?

Purple eyeshadow is flattering indeed. Apart from neutral shades, the purple eye makeup goes perfectly with different eye and hair colors. Some colors that make brown eyes pop are yellow / orange, silver, green, and blue. If you love blue or gold makeup, follow the tips below.

  • gold: After priming your eyes, apply brown eyeshadow to the crease. Use a winged liner brush and draw a crease. Next, use a blending brush to blend the cut crease line to make sure there is no uneven lining and apply concealer underneath. Add gold glitter eyeshadow to the eyelid and apply a black gel liner. For an extra shiny look, highlight the browbones or add false eyelashes.
  • Electro / Royal Blue: The warmth of the hazel eyes provides an ideal contrast to the coolness of the blue. Choose from turquoise, electric or royal blue and a glitter highlight in the inner corner of the eye. Apply royal blue eyeliner along the lash line to lighten the whites of the eyes. This serves as premium makeup for brown eyes and brown hair.

If you are a makeup freak and you want to have stylish eyeshadow shadows for brown eyes step by step or you want to try different looks, head over to the gallery to check out the ideas. From spring makeup to fall, and from the simple natural look to diva-like bridal makeup, you can get ideas for different occasions and seasons.

Makeup tips for brown eyes and black hair

  • orange: Find the right shade of orange to bring out the depth in your eyes. Go for one that borders more on brown or bronze than peach. It needs to blend in with the metallic tones to make your hair color stand out and avoid the sallow look.
  • Black-gray: They are best for the evening smokey look. To avoid excess, choose a lighter and smoother gray or silver shade with a metallic or sparkly edge. This not only brightens your eyes, but also makes your hair darker.

There are many natural eye makeup looks to choose from in the summary below. You can find more makeup for brown eyes, brown hair, and fair skin in the gallery below. Aside from the above makeup tips for brown eyes, the round-up also includes tutorials and searches for hooded eyes, natural eyes, cat eye look, and smoky eyes.