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Classy Tear Drop Rings

Classy Tear Drop Rings

Tear drop, pear-shaped, or pendulum-shaped rings are available in a wide variety of materials including diamonds, gold, silver, and other precious stones. Diamond tear drop rings are popular as engagement rings because this type of cut allows for a variety of side stones and settings, thus offering a wide range of choices. In a pendulum-shaped diamond ring, part of the diamond stone tapers to a point while the other side is rounded.

The benefits of tear drop rings

There is more than one reason to buy the teardrop diamond ring as an engagement ring.

  • Tear drop diamond rings are less popular than the traditional type. As a result, they can make an exclusive style statement.
  • This cut of the precious diamond stone allows a variety of settings as well as side stones from which there are more types to choose from.
  • This shape looks great on the finger. A long pear shape has the visual effect of elongating and thinning the finger.
  • A pear shaped diamond ring has many facets that do not require the same clarity as the other shapes such as an emerald cut.

Why are Pendeloque or the Tear Drop Shaped Rings a good choice?

The cut is a key factor when buying a diamond ring. It is of great importance for the teardrop shape, which depends on the perfect symmetry to emphasize its elegance and charisma. Here are some of the criteria a pear shaped diamond ring should meet. Keep this in mind when purchasing the ring.

  • The flat surface or table of the diamond ring should be over 53% of its circumference.
  • If you look at the pear-shaped diamond ring from the side, it should have a depth of at least 53% of the width.
  • The culet or pointed bottom should be present as a sharp point.

Tear rings have their own elegance and charm. Keep the above criteria in mind when buying a fancy pear diamond ring.

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