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Funky Neck Tattoo Ideas

Funky Neck Tattoo Ideas

The neck region is a prominent and visible part of the body. Tattoos on the neck look appealing and emphasize your style with femininity and glamor. There are many types of neck tattoos that can be inked in this region. Hearts, butterflies, flowers, stars, etc. are some of the most popular neck tattoo designs for women. The neck tattoo looks artistic and adds to the grace. Tiny tattoos can be strategically placed on the side of your neck, while the larger ones work best as neck tattoos.

Swanky Female Neck Tattoos that would instantly grab attention

  • Rose Tattoos: Undeniably, the most popular tattoo design among women is that of the ‘rose’. It symbolizes affection and love, so it is a favorite among all girls.
  • Butterfly tattoos:: This is an essential neck tattoo design for women. Have a colorful butterfly tattoo dab on your neck to add extra pizzazz to your style. The butterfly symbolizes freedom and elegance. It is therefore worth the effort to have yourself clearly colored.
  • Spring tattoos: This design of the neck tattoo symbolizes youth and exuberance. Flaunt this combination of flowers and butterflies around the neck area for a powerful style statement.

More innovative neck tattoo ideas

  • Sun and moon: Wear the stylish sun and moon tattoo on your neck, which symbolizes liveliness, youth and euphoria.
  • Feather: This is another unique tattoo design that will add charm to the wearer.
  • Star: Like the sun, the star is also a sought-after tattoo design. Get colored, attractive and small star tattoos on the neck for extra pizzazz.
  • Dolphin: Add elegance and flair to your appearance with this cute and eye-catching dolphin tattoo.
  • Musical notes: For music lovers, have this music tattoo design applied to the back of your neck. You can select the notes so that they are colored on your neck.
  • Hello Kitty: This is a cute neck tattoo design that would be loved by all cartoon lovers.

Make a style statement that clearly defines you with these remarkable neck tattoo design ideas. Let us know your favorites here! We’re inspired by your comments and love to always share the best tattoo designs. Check out the gallery that goes with each choice.