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Inspiring Bicycle Tattoo Ideas

Inspiring Bicycle Tattoo Ideas

If you have been looking for bike tattoo ideas, an amazing collection of awesome bike tattoos are available here! For many people, riding is a passion, a joy and an important part of life. You may also love riding a bike and wondering whether or not you want to express your love for the sport in the form of a tattoo on your skin. Well, these tattoo lovers who have shared their tattoo pictures undoubtedly feel an immense love for the simple pleasure of riding a bike.

Bicycle tattoo ideas and where do they look best when colored?

Different bike tattoo ideas look great on different parts of the body. Bike tattoos on thighs, knees, and legs look more elaborate and generally work better if you like a detailed tattoo. You can also have a bike tattoo on your arm, back, or shoulders, but bike tattoos are more often inked on the lower body. The ankle is a beautiful place for a small bike tattoo. Bike tattoos on the back of the ankle look gorgeous on young women.

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The best bike tattoo ideas express your love for riding

There is no rule when it comes to getting ink. That’s why inking may be such a liberating process. You can come up with your own bike tattoo ideas – miniature bike tattoo, bike tattoo with quote, bike tattoo with landscape, etc. – and honor your love of riding.

This gallery of bike tattoo ideas can inspire you to come up with your own unique designs.