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Rare Navel Piercings

Rare Navel Piercings

Umbilical piercing has become a rage among the youth. It is now used to make a bold fashion statement and hence many young girls are choosing it. Because navel piercing has a sensual connotation, it is preferred by many young women. Surprisingly, not only women, but also young men choose this piercing to highlight their “washboard stomachs”. Here is a wonderful collection of navel piercing ideas that you would love to try. Choose the one who inspires you and drives you to do so.

What is the meaning of umbilical piercing?

Belly button or navel piercing symbolizes courage, strength and fertility. American men and women love to flaunt their navel piercings, and this has become a strong fashion statement here. The piercings are done through the top of the belly button and a curved barbell is placed through the navel. Many fashionistas have taken this art to a whole new level by adding stunning gemstones and jewels to their piercings.

Types of umbilical piercings

  • Innie Piercing: It is the most popular type of umbilical piercing and is performed right over an umbilical plug. This piercing looks great on a well contoured belly. For a more stunning effect, combine it with tragus piercing.
  • Outie Piercing: This is a complicated form of piercing done to the left of the abdomen. Despite the complexity, it is chosen by many women, because it makes the wearer look stylish. It is better to avoid this type of piercing as it can cause pain, swelling, infection, and scarring.
  • Standard piercing: It is a convenient, easy and fashionable way of umbilical piercing compared to the various other types. In certain cases, it causes swelling and infection. With the right precautions, you can avoid the side effects.

Take advantage of these innovative navel piercing ideas to look stunning and trendy. Visit the gallery and get inspired by navel piercing ideas.