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Stylish DIY Summer Eye Makeup

Stylish DIY Summer Eye Makeup

Look your best this summer season with some of these gorgeous eye makeup ideas tailored for sunny and bright days. When away from your work place, try on nude eye makeup. A simple glitter eyeshadow makeup can enhance your look for that restaurant meeting. Our archived eye makeup styles can be found here above so you can try different summer looks all season long. Whether you want wet summer eye makeup or something bolder, we have it all for you. But read on first to learn the basics of summer eye makeup if you’re new to the DIY eye makeup gear!

Smart tips for perfect summer eye make-up

The summer heat and humidity can be brutal when applying makeup. Before you browse some of the most beautiful summer eye makeup styles in our gallery, check out these tips to have some amazing summer eye makeup every time you leave this season:

  • Switch from cream or gel liner and cream-colored eye shadow to waterproof mascara and liner, powder eye shadow and pencil shapes for summery eye make-up.
  • After you’ve applied your favorite eye brand, dab on any loose or pressed neutral powder with a large brush. It helps absorb excess oil and sweat, and help hold makeup in place.
  • Try skipping mascara or eyeliner on the lower lash line. If you need to line your lower lashes, apply a layer of concealer first.
  • Use lighter shades like pink, bronze, silver, champagne, brown, etc.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to wear LESS makeup! Simple eye makeup like a naked eye or wet eye makeup looks great in summer and won’t give you greasy eyes.
  • Don’t forget about the base coat – concealer, eye shadow primer, foundation – if you don’t want your pretty eye makeup to slide all over your face.

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