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Diy Halloween Costumes

Diy Halloween Costumes

DIY Halloween costumes not only test your creativity, they are also extremely fun. Great for last minute plans or when you’re super broke because of all the grown-ups, DIY Halloween costume ideas are also a great idea to hang out with siblings and your significant other. Here are some super easy and fun DIY Halloween costume ideas:

Evil twinning

Twinning can be so much fun. It can be your best friend or sister. Having a real twin sister makes it so much more fascinating. A little makeup and some groceries and off you go! You are ready to kill like the twins from The Shining or Twins of Evil!

Bonnie and Clyde

Bring back the 60s and 70s with your partner with this classy look by simply looking through your parents or grandparents closet. All you need is a hat, a sweater, a kind of knitted skirt and a very light make-up for Bonnie’s look. A chic bob would be a cherry on top. Clyde’s look is even easier when you need an old suit and hat. Couple Halloween costumes are so easy and quick and yet so chic.

British singer

For once, everyone would agree with the fact that the style statement made by British singers is definitely jealous. To recreate the Taylor Swift or Kelly Osbourne look, all you need is a classy knee-length dress, some dexterous hands for a perfect wing, and a touch of red lipstick to complete the look. It’s simple, classy, ​​and creative, and it’s definitely going to turn heads.

Young, stupid, broke

This is my personal favorite because it’s so cute, simple, cheap, and realistic. A dirty white t-shirt paired with faded yoga pants does the job. A cup of ramen or a cardboard sign with a catchy teen quote would be the icing on the cake. You wouldn’t even have to spend time on makeup and hair because the messier it gets, the better. DIY Halloween costume ideas for teenagers work well for adults too.

These were some of the easy and unique DIY Halloween costume ideas that you can definitely try this year. You can check out various other characters from popular horror films like Georgia from IT is Super Easy to Make or maybe Daenerys from Game of Thrones who would need a long dress and some indie jewelry. Make your own costumes with basics from closets and storage rooms and rock Halloween. Check out our gallery below for the best ideas.