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Harry Potter Group Costume  Ideas

Harry Potter Group Costume Ideas

Our round up of Harry Potter group costume ideas is stellar and would surely impress Muggle fans. When you can no longer slip into Harry Potter costumes, inspired by characters like Harry, Hermione or Ron. Then this list of easy Harry Potter costume ideas is for you. We’ll show you how to turn to darker characters from the legendary series and connect with the superfans at parties

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Obscure Harry Potter costume ideas for last minute

Fleur Delacour is easily the favorite of all Harry Potter fans, especially because of her impotent style. Get a DIY Harry Potter no sew light blue cape and pair it with a witch hat followed by some sparkling makeup.

Pairing your gray, well-mixed school miniskirt with a boyfriend shirt, big old middle school glasses, and pigtails can copy the look of the Harry Potter dress-up idea Moaning Myrtle.

Honor one of the least cherished Harry Potter characters – Arabella Figg – by wearing a pair of thigh high stockings, a plaid belt coat, and a fedora hat. You can also spray your hair after it’s set up.

Whimsical costume ideas from the Harry Potter group

  • For all the girls out there, choose Moaning Myrtle, Hermione, and Luna Lovegood when deciding how to dress up as Harry Potter
  • House Elf and Nearly Headless Nick costume ideas are the best for those who want to go to the party as a couple.
  • For those looking to get rid of the characters and pick up on something more unique, how about dressing up as broomsticks?
  • The Death Eaters are one of the most sought-after and at the same time extremely simple costumes. Just slip into a gorgeous little black dress and temporarily ink yourself with the icon of the legendary Death Eater on your wrist.

These interesting costume ideas for the Harry Potter group are for all of the true fans out there. Don’t forget to scroll through the gallery for more ideas on how to make Harry Potter costumes at home and more.