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Mother Daughter Tattoos

Mother Daughter Tattoos

Mothers and daughters share the strangest relationship, shaped by love and conflict, but despite the storms, it’s one of the strongest relationships that stands the test of time. To commemorate such a bond, many daughters and mothers choose to have mother-daughter Tattoos on the wrist. Wrist tattoos are particularly preferred by mothers because they look chic, hurt less (especially for those first time getting inked), and make for some of the best Badass mother daughter tattoos.

Common tattoos that stand as Mother daughter love symbol

Mother daughter heart tattoos There are all shapes and sizes. The most popular place to get matching hearts or double hearts is on the wrist, followed by the shoulder. mother Daughter Butterfly tattoos are also incredibly popular, especially with the advent of colorful tattoos. You can have butterflies colored in your mother / daughter’s favorite color, as small or as large as you want. Showing the ephemeral beauty of life as well as the transformative angle of all experiences, butterflies are perfect for women getting to know each other. mother Daughter Tattoos on the ankle Like wings and anchors, infinity symbols or arrow tattoos are also very popular.

The most popular types of mother-daughter Tattoos on the wrist

Symbols: If you are looking for meaningful tattoos that have strong symbolism, you can choose from the Celtic family love knot, the infinity symbol, the Swahili tattoo symbol for mother-daughter love, the lock and key symbol nurtured by mother nature tattoos, secret runic inscriptions and many others choose More.

Quotes: Short and sweet quotes from poems, literature or songs are perfect for a mother and daughter duo when they share a love of words. Inking “you are my sunshine / my only sunshine”, “count on you, count on me”, “you gave me meaning / you gave me life”, “for you i will not fall / for you i will everything risking “” You are my wing / you are my anchor “or similar quotes are currently a popular trend.

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