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Small Rose Tattoos

Small Rose Tattoos

No matter how many candles you blown on your last birthday, it’s time to let our collection of tiny rose tattoo designs on your hand, wrist, shoulder, etc. influence you.

Inspirational Ideas for Small Rose Tattoos

Small tattoos with black roses behind the ear are a stylish way to make a statement as they feature dark hues that can stand out against the delicate designs. Combine your black rose tattoos with a colorful jewel to bring out a poetic art. Red roses are clichés. Try the yellow small rose tattoo for an appealing effect and look stunning in combination with other flowers. Trying to complement the warm tones of the yellow rose tattoo with subtle green leaves can end up with an ink design that is well worth the look. For timeless beauty, choose a red rose tattoo on the wrist. Choose from realistic or Asian designs and make sure the colors are updated every few years so they don’t fade.

Minimalist rose tattoos to attempt

  • Purple roses are synonymous with kings. So why not get small tattoos of purple roses on your shoulder and kill a king? Get creative with dripping highlights, blocks of color, or even delicate lace to make the design more beautiful.
  • The black and white rose tattoos are contemporary designs that can be tried on the ankles. You can choose from geometric designs or pencil-inspired designs for walking art.
  • For something a little more eye-catching, try the realistic rose tattoo designs that resemble a photo print on your skin.

These stunning little rose tattoos are designed to help you grab attention and channel your love for ink art. Browse the gallery below for more ideas and collections on small and large rose tattoo designs.