Wednesday , August 17 2022
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Bold and Ultra Chic Metallic Nails

Bold and Ultra Chic Metallic Nails

Metallic nails – the hottest nail trend on the scene right now – have completely hit the fashion world of Instagram and beauty experts are all excited! Metallic nails, or what you might have heard of as mirror or chrome nails, are easy to do and look absolutely stunning. Manicure with metallic nails looks amazing and is especially popular with party goers and fashionistas who love to keep up with style trends. While metallic nails don’t give you mirrors to carry around on your fingertips, they are known as mirror nails because of the large amount of light they reflect!

Metallic nails and how do you get it?

So how do you get these bold and ultra-chic metal nails? Well, you can get the mirror manicure in several different ways! You could use chrome nail polish – chrome nail polish gives your nails an instant, almost rebellious shine! It’s hard not to feel like a total ass when you apply a coat of paint with this shimmery, ultra-glossy nail polis color. Available in multiple colors, this is the most popular manicure choice you have!