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Smart DIY Shoe Makeover Ideas

Smart DIY Shoe Makeover Ideas

It is said that the first thing people notice about you is your shoes. Shabby, unkempt shoes on a person make them look uncomfortable in a crowd, while your polished contemporary shoes can convey a lot of positive things through your polished contemporary shoes. DIY shoe rejuvenation ideas vary between absolutely simple and easy techniques for working out ideas. Either way, the DIY shoe remodeling tutorials here can help you remodel those shabby old shoes at a lower cost than what it would take to buy new shoes.

Save attractive DIY shoe decorations

Those dull old shoes lying in your garage are a blank canvas to work on. Customization just got easier with these DIY shoes and heel decorations that we shared with you in this post. These ideas are best for giving your old ragged couple a makeover.

  • The old discarded sneakers can be colored. Use different colored stripes or small dots of the same or different colors to get a new face.
  • Belle or high heeled shoes can be decorated with brightly colored buttons, shimmering gemstones, pearls or attractive ribbons with strong glue.
  • Glitter and decorative artificial flowers can be glued to the shoe to give it a shiny sheen.
  • You can use pompoms to decorate old ripped leather sandals and give them a boho-chic look.

Bring old shoes back into fashion with DIY Shoe Makeover Ideas

It’s time to bring back those old shoes that you once threw away because they went out of style. Whether glitter is your style or whimsical embellishments, delicate lace ribbons or detailed painting work, this gallery can wow you with incredible DIY shoe makeover ideas!