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Unique Panda Bear Tattoo Ideas

Unique Panda Bear Tattoo Ideas

Giant pandas are highly regarded in Asian culture as a symbol of harmony and serenity. Panda bear tattoo ideas may not be mainstream yet, but many tattoo aficionados are very fond of pandas and have this gentle giant creature inked on their bodies. If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen the many insanely adorable panda videos that have been making the rounds. You can’t help but love this clumsy, fun, and incredibly cute way that is native to the remote mountainous regions of China. Find out more about panda bears, their values ​​and characteristics here. Don’t miss out on exploring the beautiful gallery of tattoo designs.

Symbolism behind Panda Bear Tattoo Ideas

Panda bears don’t just look cute and adorable. They can be wild and fierce, although they choose to be calm and lazy. Grace, masculinity and femininity, strength and wisdom are some of the traits attributed to pandas. Panda tattoos also symbolize balance (Yin and Yang), the coexistence of strength and gentleness, calm and inner peace. Vegetarians often wear panda tattoos, as panda bears are the only species of bears that live only on bamboo shoots, despite being omnivorous.

Panda bear tattoo varieties

Here you can find kung fu panda inspired tattoo ideas, cute baby panda bear tattoo ideas, panda and bamboo tattoos, geometric panda designs and many more incredible tattoos. This gallery is dedicated to some awesome tanda bear tattoo ideas including angry panda, vintage panda, traditional panda, cartoon panda, panda silhouette, watercolor panda tattoo, panda butterfly tattoo and many more. See for yourself and save the best style!