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Back Of The Neck Tattoos

Back Of The Neck Tattoos

Meaningful neck tattoos with spiritual meaning

  • Celtic designs have significant meanings and are a huge hit with people who believe in art with symbolic meaning. There are many Celtic symbols that are great for coloring in, like the symbols for luck, fertility, health, harmony, dream or death and transformation, etc.
  • Natural elements have profound effects on humans and many people choose symbols to represent fire, water, air, earth, or a combination thereof.
  • The anchor tattoo on the neck stands for stability.
  • Wings or feathers are a popular choice for tattoos with a spiritual meaning, as wings or feathers signify messengers from the spiritual realm.
  • The lotus in various forms of mandala is a popular choice for women. The lotus denotes the beauty that emerges from dark and disturbing times.

Sensual neck tattoos for women who value aesthetics

Most neck tattoos for women are quite sensual and a good tattoo artist can create really delicate looking neck tattoos. Ornamental mandalas, geometric tattoos such as a compass or a geometric element of nature, floral patterns, stars and the moon are some of the most popular ideas. Some of the other best ideas and designs for neck tattoos are birds, butterflies, and bows in different color and shape bundles.

Now that you have so many neck tattoo ideas you can quickly get one inked or check out more ideas in our gallery.