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Freaky Cartilage Piercings

Freaky Cartilage Piercings

Cartilage piercing refers to the piercing of one of the cartilages of the body and the most common areas are the nose and ear. Cartilage piercings have now become a fad as they help define an individual’s style statement. This type of piercings not only boosts a person’s self-confidence, but is also viewed as a type of body art and self-expression. There are different types of ear cartilage piercings such as helix, antihelix, clam, antitragus and the nasal cartilage piercings include nostril, septum and nasal tip piercings.

Some popular cartilage piercings

  • Helix: The two types of popular, trending piercings are the industrial and forward helix. In the front helix, the piercing is done at the helix tip and where it connects to the head. Industrial are multiple piercings that are linked by a single piece of jewelry like a barbell.
  • Antihelix: Cozy and Tower are the two types of antihelix piercings. Both types of piercings give the wearer a unique look. The tower piercing gives the jewelry a vertical look and the tight fitting piercing makes the wearer look stylish.
  • Nose hole: This type of cartilage piercing runs through both sides of the nostril and ends in the inner part of the nose. The high nostril piercing is done on the upper part of the nose, closer to the nasal bone, and this is now insane among the younger generation.

What should you know about cartilage piercings?

  • Follow-up care can be painful and you will not be able to wash your ear for the first two days. Use a sterile saline solution to wipe your ear.
  • Trying to fall asleep can be difficult for the first few days until you get used to it.

Try these popular cartilage piercings and redefine your fashion statement.